Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Leader'- Audio Review

Song 1: Maa Telugu Thalliki 4/5
Singer: Late Sri Tanguturi Surya Kumari
Title song. The famous "Maa Telugu Thalliki" original is used and well worked. The background music which runs throughout the song goes well with the song.

Song 2: Aunana Kaadhana 4.5/5
Singers: Naresh Iyer, Shwetha Pandit
Naresh Iyer and Shwetha both sang different songs on Kotha Bangaru Lokam for Mickey and both worked well (Nenani Neevani and Ok Anesa). This time they both got together for this song. The drum work is pleasant and the song is a treat.

Song 3: Vandemataram 4.5/5
Singer: Nakash Aziz
The role of selecting the proper singer for a song to do well is very important and this song proves it. Nakash's voice had the sophistication required to make this song sound awesome. Mickey did a great work too.

Song 4: Rajasekhara 4/5
Singer: Shweta Pandit
A slow song with drum work like in aunana kaadhana. As mentioned above, Shweta Pandit sang Nenani Neevani in Kotha Bangaru Lokam and her voice is apt.

Song 5: Hey CM 4/5
Singer: Sunita Sarathy
Lyrics close to Magadheera song of Okeokkadu. Voice suits the tune and tempo. Not many instruments used-simple orchestra.

Song 6: Leader Instrumental 4/5
Singers: Mickey J. Meyer, Balesh
Different version of the first song. "Maa Telugu Thalliki" is played with shenoy along with Leader bgm.

Sreelu Pongina which is a choir song is a short one and more like a prayer and hence not rated.

Overall Rating: 4.16/5

Verdict: Well Done Mickey!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Arya 2 Music Review

Purely personal review :)

Was waiting for a good audio since Oy! and got one thanks to DSP for a "Arya" like audio once again

#1: Karige Loga (D-Plugged) 3.5/5

Artist: Sagar

Lyrics : Vanamali

Sagar sang the slower version rather the softer version of the song(reviewed next). His voice is apt for this version of the song. Lyrics are easy to catch. Senti feel song.

#2: Karige Loga 3.5/5

Artists: Kunal Ganjawala, Megha

Lyrics : Vanamali

Faster version of the above mentioned song with more beats(DSP style :D) Kunal apt for the tempo.

#3: Mr. Perfect(DSP Mix) 3/5

Artist: DSP

Lyrics: Kedar

Least favored song in the list. This song clearly will be better on screen. Pappu cant dance type of song.

#4: My Love is Gone 4/5

Artist: Ranjith

Lyrics: Chandrabose

A dance number. Full of energy. The song is like celebrating a break up. The tune is awesome. Ranjith has been my favorite behind Karthik and this is one of his best songs. I personally like the lyrics because of experience :P. This will be a big hit among the broken hearts.

#5: Baby He Loves You 4/5

Artist: DSP

Lyrics: Chandrabose

DSP chose himself correctly for the song. The tune is catchy and lyrics are awesome. The song is full of comparisons. (Upamalankaram if I remember correctly :P)

#6: Mr. Perfect 3/5

Artist: Baba Sehgal, Rita

Lyrics: Kedar

Read #3

#7 Ringa Ringa 3.5/5

Artist: Priya Hemesh

Lyrics: Chandrabose

There was a leaked version of this song :) It was much better(lyrics wise and vocal wise) and was a huge hit in the campus. If you haven't heard that song this song will do ok for you :). Item number.

#8 Uppenantha 4.5/5

Artist: KK

Lyrics: Balaji

Best song for me :) No need to rate KK (at his usual best) Lyrics are good. Also never heard the lyricist name before, so its a great entry towards a bright future.

Overall rating: 3.625/5 :D (Average of all songs)

Enjoy the songs ;)