Monday, October 11, 2010

Review: Mahesh Khaleja

"Comedy cheste nene cheyalroy" is a dialogue by Mahesh in the movie and it gives you the complete picture of what to expect from the movie.

Mahesh Babu is back after 3 years and like never before. All the criticism that he doesn't utter more dialogues can rest in peace as he leaves the critics nothing to point at this time around. He is a treat to watch in action sequences.

Anushka does well and is limited to songs in the 2nd half. Rao Ramesh and Shafi played the best roles in their careers, especially Shafi deserves a mention for his portrayal of 'Siddha'- the devotee of Raju, taxi driver.

Dialogues by Trivikram are excellent in places and sound repetitive in some. Overall he succeeded in presenting a new Mahesh to silver screen.

Music by Mani Sharma is not his best. Only 2-3 songs may impress the audience but the BGM is effective.

The negative points could be the under utilization of other roles, the whole plot-revealing in last part of the movie making the screenplay look complicated and lengthy, super human stunts at some places like the Scorpio-wheel-popping stunt.

If you can live with the coincidences in the 2nd half which corroborate the villagers' belief that the protagonist is God, you are in for a treat. Irrespective of how the movie does in the long run, its definitely a milestone in Mahesh career as he dons the comedy and loud drama departments which were untouched by him.

The climax fight also deserves applause as it was shot in a very fresh manner with high emotional appeal.