Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stated need - Real need phenomenon

Everyone goes on and on about first love. To be fair it deserves all the hype it gets. Guys who fall in "love" can be of two kinds. One who believe in "true love", "soul mate", "one love for life" and the other know from the beginning that they will not end up together forever.

The first category are the ones who will someday quote all sorts of break up stuff on their walls and end up watching every heartbreak song on youtube. Why else would such "let's cry together" songs become blockbusters?
The other kind of people (who know they are not in it for a long haul) are usually looked down upon. The fact is that the first category (heartbreak champions), after they finish all the weeping, will graduate to the level of this second category guys who by-passed the trouble of going through all the torture and realization drama.

Having said that, the probability of couples ending up together does not vary much in both the kinds. At the end of the day people move on due to various reasons which may range from a new partner option to parents' don't approve to my pet doesn't seem to like you.

The real need is to have a boyfriend/girlfriend and the stated need is true love. When two people understand this fact, they can be the happiest pair even if for a short span. The break up doesn't hurt much and you can avoid all the comedy of "your smile is my oxygen".

I respect the institution of marriage and would not want to comment on that part of life. But before that one need not feel obliged to carry the burden of emotions and worries about future and the grief of break up (at least not after you had it once). Teenage to marriage is supposed to be the best part of life and it will be so if both parties in the pair are willing to accept the real need.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Karthik Top 10 (Telugu)

10. Badhulu thochani - Mr. Perfect
10. Gore - Kick
9. Once upon a time - Dubai Seenu
8. Chudodantunna - Pokiri
7. Naa manasuki - AMAV
6. Nijamga nenena - Kotha bangaru lokam
5. Yeduta nilichindi - Vaana
4. Ale Ale - Boys
3. Kannula baasalu - 7/G brindavan colony
1.Vintunnava - Ye maaya chesave
1. Oka maaru - Ghajini

Friday, May 27, 2011

My top 10 of 2010 (Telugu)

10. Rooba Rooba - Orange: The humming part is my favourite. Song has a feel to it and is in the tolerable part of the movie - flashback

9. Amma Thalle - Puli: I have to admit I do not get most of the song :P Just love the flow of the song and the vocals.

8. Nenu Nuvvantu - Orange: Naresh Iyer deserves major chunk of the appreciation this song received. The lyrics, though apt for the movie, are not the best.

7. Nijamena - Brindavanam: Enter King Karthik! :P I like the orchestration and of course the vocals.

6. Neeve - Darling: Song has great feel to it but the visuals are not shot in the way I would've liked. Nevertheless, a great number by GVPK.

5. Kundanapu Bomma - YMC: The first of YMC series :P Tamil version is even more popular. Was on repeat mode when I first heard.

4. Avunana Kaadhana - Leader: Mickey magic with Naresh Iyer and Shweta Pandit. Was cursing Kammula in the theater for not shooting it full length for the movie.

3. Ee Hrudayam - YMC: One of those songs for which you better avoid the video :P The dance spoiled this wonderful number. Watch VTV version for this one.

2. Sada Shiva - Mahesh Khaleja: The song was received very well even though the movie could not fare well. The beat enthralls you especially in a good audio system :P

1. Vintunnava - YMC: Rahman + Karthik + Shreya Ghoshal = Top draw. Triple treat. Magical.

Stats in top 10:

Music Directors: Rahman - 4, Harris: 2, Thaman, GVPK, Mickey, Mani Sharma- 1

Singers: Naresh Iyer: 3, Karthik: 2

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 1101(?)

*Central Perk*
Joey: I cant believe you guys are leaving.
Chandler: Its not like we are moving to Alaska, Joe.
Joey: Ofcourse it is... (secretly to ross) How far is Alaska?
Monica: Rach, are you going back to work?
Rachel: Oh, I don’t know.. I rejected Zelner’s offer twice.
Ross(to himself): There goes another egg.
Monica: Pheebs, whats up with Mike?
Phoebe: He's starting this piano class at home for kids... He doesn’t want me to teach guitar to them, can you believe it?
Ross(in his proud tone): Maybe he would like me to come over someday and have a guest lecture with my "Sound". *wink*
(Everyone except Ross look at each other and start talking randomly)

*Central Perk with Ross, Joey*
Joey: I cannot believe they left.
Ross: I know... it must be tough for you Joe.. without the refrigerator.
Joey(with angry look): Its not about the food...(softly) I miss the food though... but no... I cannot do rehearsals at home anymore or or pass comments watching Baywatch... God! I miss Chandler.
Ross: You could do those with me.
Joey: Ya, right.
Ross: What? You think i cannot be funny? You should’ve attended my lecture the other day... everyone was laughing the whole time.
Joey: Finally the kids have realized that evolution is a joke, eh?
*Ross looks offended*