Friday, September 5, 2008


Neither am good at politics nor you are so jobless to visit my blog to read the same crap you have been reading from ages long. So let me clarify that in the next few minutes you'll be reading something about our college affairs and nothing about the Parliament nor the Assembly.(no disrespect whatsoever)

4 posts, 4 weeks drama, 4 hours voting, 4 minutes to declare results quite sums up the elections here. There are 4 major posts to contest for: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, General Secretary. Contestents for first 3 posts are 3rd yearites and 2nd yearites contest for General Secretary. A good certificate and an year of fame is the motivation of all the nominees and I bet no one's an exception here.A debate between the candidates is conducted by the Election Commission(EC) for each post in the auditorium and 2 days later audience can question them in the same arena.

Each candidate comes up with his own freaky agenda and its more of a "who can point out the problems we face the best way" contest. To hell with the promises they make.I have been hearing agendas and believe me the problems they point out remain the same. A candidate comes to you and terrifies you showing the tragic condition we face and promises to resolve it. F you I say to myself as he goes on, also trying to act indifferent at the same time. Come on now am not a 1st yearite anymore :).

So how are the votes distributed? A minority say 10% will go with what they heard in the campaigning or during the debate. Another 10% go with the looks(am not joking). Ofcourse girls are the major part of this, barring err what do I say, hmm some guys :).The majority i.e. 80% go for "this guy lives closest to my place" thing :P. Nothing wrong I say. And for those indifferent, never-bothered-whatsoever chaps like me this makes it easy to cast the votes.

A repeat telecast of 1990s soccer match interests me more than these what i call elecSHUNs.

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