Sunday, August 16, 2009

AH5 to AH8- a difficult transition

New post after a break with a new look to the blog :)

Unlike some people from my college, we didn't have to move to another hostel after the end of 1st year or 2nd. But last semester we received a notice that we have to shift to a new hostel before we leave for the vacation and were allowed to choose from the rooms which were going to be vacated by the students leaving for their Practice School for the next semester.

Though there was a feeling that we may miss the hostel where we lived 3 years, I never thought it would be this difficult. We were the first batch of students to reside in our old hostel AH5 and the first ever inter-hostel competition AH5 participated was Big Break(conducted for freshers), which we won!

Our hostel had the best of everything: controversies, gaming, noisy common room(with TV and carroms), passionate football fans and many more

Whenever AH5 people meet these days, we keep discussing about how life is so different and how badly we miss our what used to be "the second home". Though this is the last semester in campus and the only semester we have to live in another hostel its difficult to halt the memories coming back every now and then.

Finally, if any of you are made to shift your hostels every year IMO you shouldn't feel bad(I know shifting is a tough job) because its difficult to leave a place if you stay there for a long time.


Áנคy Ŷשร said...

y0y0 my name 1st \m/ :D
i was thinkin being out of campus was THE difficult thing, completely forgetting the point of ur blog..
u jus reminded me of what's coming next...miss u babe

nvssudheer said...

some people(long list :P) from AH5 who have been very close to me :

Ajay 141
Sai Pradeep 323
Sasank 140
Rohan 221
Raghuveer 109
Kailash 123
Rahul aka Jaffa 328
Raghunandan 110
Kumar Reddy 305
Shreenivas 218
Syam aka Stalin 229
Sandeep aka Maddali 105
GRM aka Harry 108
Karthik aka Pandaga 111
Ravi aka Dopo 124
Rajesh 204
Vipin 216
Chaithu 211
Tejaswi aka Guddu 146
Seshu 104
Ravi Krishna aka Kaza 148
Avinash aka Vinnakota 351
Kishore Bhargav aka KB 332
Vishwanath 324

Shreenivas said...

Miss you people also ra...
It's really tough to stay out of campus.. after all that fun we had in our hostel... life here in Pilani is actually boring..
It makes me realize how great the time we had together has been.. !!!

guddu said...

nice 1 coach.....
but u know dats da essence of living :)

nvssudheer said...

gudduji essence of living ento cheptara :P

nvssudheer said...

lets start posting some memorable moments :P

my best would be IPL 2009... because in football i wont get much support but for DC we owned the common room :)... especially the mumbai matches and all... thanx to shreenivas, stalin, kaza etc etc :)

guddu said...

change is the essence of living balaka :p

Shreenivas said...

@ guddu

Manaki anta avasaram antava?? Essense of Life... Change... Pedda Pedda maatalu anipinchatleda?? oorike unnadi unnatu unchachu ga???
;) Aina makaite artham kavu le avi... meeru pedollu emanna anachu.. :P

@ Sudheer

Thnx 4 tht mention of IPL 09 - I loved the moments we had in the common room.. but lets not forget one man... 'Mr. Mumbai' without whom we wouldnt have had a reason for all that fun..
Ya.. DC Rocks.. and we had a great time in our hostel enjoying it...
Wish the IPL Final would have happened when we were in our hostel... That would have been the best part of our life in Hostel... I'd have made sure of that..

nvssudheer said...

oops! #include Sai Sekhar 223 :P