Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Dream Jobs!

Found this cool concept from my close pal Munaf's blog (refer blogs i follow)and decided to let people know what I really like to do for a living. In the order of priority...

1. DIRECTION: LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION CUT... Movies somehow became a passion to me since my childhood and I consider myself a fanatic. Justification: Everyone I know doesn't like to go to a theater alone and they would rather watch the movie later whereas the probability of finding me alone at a theater is 0.7 (don't sue me if its a bit more or less). You can also find out from any of my friends, the level of involvement from my side while watching a movie :). I consider myself having a good taste(everyone does about themselves ;)) and the long hours of discussion with Rakesh, again a close pal from school, and PVK, my opposite room in college, made me fall in love with the profession. I wrote two full length stories (simple ones) which obviously I wont disclose (you know the patent and all :D). Recently, I directed an advertisement for a project in college on a mobile. The main character, Leela Krishna(college mate), complained that I was too demanding on every detail and compared me to James Cameron (obviously for fun) :D (donno when he worked with Leela :D). So, that's my first choice career and I hope to direct at some point of my life (another reason for you to hang on to me).

2. EDITING: F.R.I.E.N.D.S is my favorite TV series and as soon as I completed watching the last episode, due to the connection with the series, which I saw day and night at a stretch, I downloaded the making video of an episode. It was an awesome video and apart from other departments, like the art, sound etc., the one that really impressed me was the editing department. A very good movie can irritate you if the editor doesn't choose the shots right. It takes patience but its wonderful. You get to decide what the audience view.

3. ENTREPRENEUR: The one with all the risk involved. Who doesn't love to have the power to decide everything in an organization! Its just the risk factor that keeps us away from taking that critical initiative to enter the business world. This is something I know I'll become in my life. "When?" I have no idea.

4. THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA: Representing India globally is not an option to reject. The pride involved, control over the armed forces, apolitical leadership just to name a few. The possibility of finding myself in that post, as you know, is zero but, the title justifies my 4th choice. The low priority to such an honor is because of the fear of failing to perform well, which, is not the case with the above three career choices where a failure is not the end of the world.

These are the 4 career choices close to my heart. Name yours in the comments (also elaborate in your blog )

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Satanputr said...

a nice post thr :) n abt my dream jobs...lets see
1)A medieval knight out save a princess from the dragon
2)A professor of history at Oxford
3)A foreign service officer for India in the US
4)A journalist always on the move who will eventually turn a writer
All really qualify as a DREAM job u see :P