Friday, February 12, 2010

Brilliance and Stupidity!

Hey folks! Just watched 'Yuganiki Okkadu'(YO). Though the movie appeals only to a select audience, the visual grandeur is breathtaking. Considering movies like Magadheera and YO, we are making great progress technically. Kudos to producers like Allu Arvind and Raveendran(produced Tagore, Ghajini) for Magadheera and YO respectively and of course to the real heroes Rajamouli(Magadheera) and Selva Raghavan(7/G, AMAV, YO).

Coming to the point of the post: Before I could bask in the pride of increasing standards in the industry, I happened to go through a debate in the blog of a noted hero's relative, who is a technician himself. He wrote an article comparing records of Magadheera and Adhurs because some people claimed that Adhurs will beat the records of Magadheera. To start with, the comparison itself is a pathetic one as one movie was a periodic film and the other is just another commercial flick. This blogger-cum-producer need not react to such claims, but he did! This opened up a debate in the comments section of the article with fans spilling their boiling blood in the form of comments.

One says Magadheera is purely a technical film and the other says Adhurs is a hit because of Brahmanandam! A third guy chips in: "Pokiri had a dream run of 175 days in 59 centers whereas Magadheera could manage just 3 centers and Pokiri created an all time record with a 4 show houseful run in a theater for 66 days continuously"

Common people like you and me may not understand that a successful movie is the effort of some brilliant minds working together but at least a person inside the industry shouldn't go about spurring debate with his blog. This is when I felt that in our industry, we successfully married Stupidity to Brilliance and we also contribute on a regular basis for their successful married life!

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venkatasaisudheer said...

And before someone criticizes me for acting like a sage I have to confess that I am a Mahesh fan and wont accept that some movie is better than Pokiri (hail conventional living!) Being in the system and criticizing the system is not new to Indians :)

But let me assure you that I dont have any bias and I watch every movie released :D My friends know better!