Monday, March 15, 2010


I was waiting outside the room, chatting with a girl about the probable questions based on the feedback given by candidates who came out earlier. 2 of them were asked major cities in Orissa. This girl said that she knows only Bhubaneshwar(college unnadhe akkada adhi telikunda ela untundi :P). I said I know Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack(antha kante manaki matram em telisi chachindile). I was called in.

3 people were present sitting far from each other.(kottukunnaremo)
Good Morning Sirs!

Good Morning Sudheer! Sit down please!

Thank You Sir!

So, Sudheer tell me something about yourself

I am Sudheer(vaallaki telsule) Sir. I did my schooling at Hyderabad till 12th.

Louder! Are you nervous?

A bit Sir.This is my 1st bschool GDPI

Well you need not be (cha naaku istam mari)

I am in my final year of graduation-Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani Goa Campus. Currently I am working at Ultratech Cements in Anantapur dist. of A.P. as part of curriculum; its called Practice School 2.

Sudheer, I find your performance a bit amazing. Is this 6.29 out of 10 or 8?

10 Sir

How many students are there in your class?

Around 60 Sir

That means you'll be among 20 from the last?

Yes Sir 15-20 from the last

Why is that? You had 94.8 and 95.8 in boards.

Complacent nature because of joining a reputed college and staying away from home for the first time.

So you enjoyed!

First year performance was abysmal Sir. I tried to pick up from there and will end up with 6.94 by the time I graduate.

You went to beaches and all?

No Sir. I went to beach only once and lost my phone so never went again (they laughed; naa phone pothe meeku navostunda :x)

What will be your next performance based on these figures? Tell me as a maths student.

It'll improve Sir. First it increased from 10th to 12th then it decreased so the pattern says it should increase (navveskunnaru)

What do you expect your CG would be out of 8 at XIMB?

7 Sir

Thats Ambitious! Where does Chemical Engineering fit in a cement industry? (industry lo kaaka intlo untunda pani)

Chemical Engineers are required in any industry involving large scale processes with heat and mass transfer.

What are the major problems faced by a cement industry?

In the place where i am working..

No tell me general problems.. You must've gone around the plant, right?

Yes Sir. Managing human resources is a problem and sometimes they have to shut down whole plant for maintenance.

They do that?

Yes Sir they shut it down 35 days a year

So what is the 2nd law of Thermodynamics? (adigesava karma)

*Blank look-trying to remember something which is not even there*

Ok tell me the 1st law atleast (Cha teliste 2nd law ki cheppesevadini numbers pattimpu peddhaga ledhu manaki)

*Same blank look and long pause; mind lo energy conservation etc. running but didnt speak up*

Ok why do you want to do an MBA now?

*Answer secret* :P

But you'll know that when you work for a while say 1 or 2 years

Yes Sir but *secret* :P

What are your interests?

Playing and watching football, reading some books

Which position do you play?


Where? (vinapadaleda cheppaga)


I mean the position (adha nee godava)

Centre back

Do you know ***** (gurtuledu)

No Sir

You are preparing for MBA and you dont know that author? (maradhe teliyalani rule undha)

No Sir

What is the last book you read?

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (sagam kuda chadavaledu aa habits enti ani adigunte padedhi bokka)

Aah your coaching institute must ve told you

No Sir a lecturer from BITS

Who wrote that book?

Stephen Covey Sir

What does he do?

He was a Harvard graduate and Professor

How many rupees is a dollar?

American dollar Sir? (:P)

Yes American

40 to 45 Sir

You may as well say 1 to 100 (ani navveskunnadu kullu joke)

Around 45 Sir

Who decides that? RBI? Obama? Who?

It varies depending on the inflation in these countries Sir and the foreign exchange

Thank You Sudheer!

Thank You Sirs!

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