Friday, April 16, 2010

But Why!

I recently bumped into a question in "How should we behave in a 5 star restaurant?". At first I thought it was a decent question but then after giving it some thought I wondered "Do we need to act?"

I mean we are the ones paying for the overpriced food and the tax(which equals the food price elsewhere). Who are we supposed to impress! Why cant we behave like we do in any other place!

Its the waiters who have to worry about everything they say or do to maintain the decorum of the place. Should we join them! Cant we eat like we always do, talk like we always do!

Why is calling the waiter "Bhaiyya" a sin suddenly! Why are our own languages disturbing on our own land!

Its totally understandable if you need to impress the persons accompanying you or sitting next to your table (you know what I mean). Otherwise whats the point!

Thats my take on it. No offense meant to regulars (am not one).


The Eternal Ruler said...

I'm totally with you !

MHS said...

well said...u r right, paisalu maname isthaam kadha...picha lite ga undochu.. :P

Pramod said...

fully concur! :D

Krishna Chaitanya Katikaneni said...

kummeddam pada