Thursday, April 22, 2010

Faking News- IPL

This post is an inspiration from fakingnews website where lots of spoof articles are found on current happenings. Note: I have nothing against IPL

DC vs CSK Semi fixed

The highly rated DC vs CSK Semi Final, which concluded a short while ago, has come under the scanner of SBI, the investigation agency. Reports have been pouring in that the match was clearly fixed and shockingly, the players themselves have come out and accepted the same. Almost all the players voiced the same opinion that as the IPL chairman Malit Lodi is about to be sacked, they have decided to reveal the fixing episode.

First signs of fixing were noticed by the SBI team when they saw Dhoni complaining that he lost his mobile, during every match. "We simply could not believe that a person can be stupid enough to lose so many mobiles during IPL season, that cannot be just a coincidence", said the chief of SBI, speaking exclusively to Faking News.

With the players eager to reveal all the fixing info we ran for the main suspect himself, M S Dhoni who said, "We know its tough to win against Deccan Chargers, they have been winning continuously. So, I met the team and offered them Maxx mobiles, one each, but had to accept the demand for 2 mobiles by Symonds(laughing)"

But, can a Maxx mobile have so much influence on the players? Dhoni didn't think so either and so he ran back to the DC dressing room and shouted, " Are you INQ?". That's right, he offered them AIRCEL pocket internet connection as well. Now that's something you cannot say no to!

Reports have been pouring in that Dhoni met the Mumbai Indians team as well and he has offered Orient PSPO fans. Its summer and Dhoni knows his audience!