Sunday, December 12, 2010


I look at the clock and there's about 40 minutes for my class; thought I could write a quickie in the time remaining. Well, first I thought to write about why the Congress party keep ruling at the center despite having record number of scandals in their reign. Is it the public or weak opposition? But then with my minimum amount of knowledge about the scams and the political facts and figures I thought it would be better to drop the idea and would like to know if you have any answer :-/ (got to start reading one of these days)

With the way the Ashes is turning out I thought this is the right time for an India-England test series as both seem very confident. Would like to have your thoughts on that too. My favourite English player Cook has been brilliant in the series so far with a half-century, a century and an unbeaten double as well!

All set for end term exams and my Hyd trip. Munaf is leaving for the states, hope to meet the rest of the gang. Of course all the movies will be covered, that's an integral part of any Hyd trip. Planned a lot of shopping this time around. Some necessities like a new mobile, specs, shoes etc.. Hope to have a great trip.

Everyone had a great French Nite party with the exchange students here. In fact, was one of the hosts as a member of Int. Rel. Comm.. The food was great, had some fun events organized by the French students.

Fell in love with Tumse hi Tumse song from Anjaana Anjaani. Was listening in repeat mode and now added to my favourites' playlist.

Lots of day dreaming about long term goals going on and don't know how much of it will materialize :| I believe future will always come as a surprize so let us leave it there. Want to close the post saying that we should beat our inhibitions and chase our dreams to actually look back and say that we lived the way we wanted to. (saying that to myself a lot these days; not preaching)

Sayonara! Comment Puhleeeeeeeeeez.


Chandu said...

Ind-Eng series is going to be hot for sure!! ;)

Good luck for the exams senior!! :-)

sindhura said...

loved the last few lines:)!!

MHS said...

keka mama...general ante inka em topics migalakunda cover chesesav, hats-off :) :)

nvssudheer said...

Thank You junior

Thank You Sindhu

Thank You Munaf


Shiva said...


nvssudheer said...

Thank You Shiva :)

Áנคy Ŷשร said...

wholesome coverage.. andhariki fone chesi cheppanavasaram lekunda baa cover chesesav anni :)

nvssudheer said...


Bava said...

Super ..Nvs babai..