Wednesday, May 18, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 1101(?)

*Central Perk*
Joey: I cant believe you guys are leaving.
Chandler: Its not like we are moving to Alaska, Joe.
Joey: Ofcourse it is... (secretly to ross) How far is Alaska?
Monica: Rach, are you going back to work?
Rachel: Oh, I don’t know.. I rejected Zelner’s offer twice.
Ross(to himself): There goes another egg.
Monica: Pheebs, whats up with Mike?
Phoebe: He's starting this piano class at home for kids... He doesn’t want me to teach guitar to them, can you believe it?
Ross(in his proud tone): Maybe he would like me to come over someday and have a guest lecture with my "Sound". *wink*
(Everyone except Ross look at each other and start talking randomly)

*Central Perk with Ross, Joey*
Joey: I cannot believe they left.
Ross: I know... it must be tough for you Joe.. without the refrigerator.
Joey(with angry look): Its not about the food...(softly) I miss the food though... but no... I cannot do rehearsals at home anymore or or pass comments watching Baywatch... God! I miss Chandler.
Ross: You could do those with me.
Joey: Ya, right.
Ross: What? You think i cannot be funny? You should’ve attended my lecture the other day... everyone was laughing the whole time.
Joey: Finally the kids have realized that evolution is a joke, eh?
*Ross looks offended*

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