Friday, May 27, 2011

My top 10 of 2010 (Telugu)

10. Rooba Rooba - Orange: The humming part is my favourite. Song has a feel to it and is in the tolerable part of the movie - flashback

9. Amma Thalle - Puli: I have to admit I do not get most of the song :P Just love the flow of the song and the vocals.

8. Nenu Nuvvantu - Orange: Naresh Iyer deserves major chunk of the appreciation this song received. The lyrics, though apt for the movie, are not the best.

7. Nijamena - Brindavanam: Enter King Karthik! :P I like the orchestration and of course the vocals.

6. Neeve - Darling: Song has great feel to it but the visuals are not shot in the way I would've liked. Nevertheless, a great number by GVPK.

5. Kundanapu Bomma - YMC: The first of YMC series :P Tamil version is even more popular. Was on repeat mode when I first heard.

4. Avunana Kaadhana - Leader: Mickey magic with Naresh Iyer and Shweta Pandit. Was cursing Kammula in the theater for not shooting it full length for the movie.

3. Ee Hrudayam - YMC: One of those songs for which you better avoid the video :P The dance spoiled this wonderful number. Watch VTV version for this one.

2. Sada Shiva - Mahesh Khaleja: The song was received very well even though the movie could not fare well. The beat enthralls you especially in a good audio system :P

1. Vintunnava - YMC: Rahman + Karthik + Shreya Ghoshal = Top draw. Triple treat. Magical.

Stats in top 10:

Music Directors: Rahman - 4, Harris: 2, Thaman, GVPK, Mickey, Mani Sharma- 1

Singers: Naresh Iyer: 3, Karthik: 2

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